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What We Do

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What We Do

Mercurial Dance creates “distinctive, memorable performances” and delivers “outstanding” participatory projects, workshops and classes. We generate new audiences through our work.

Young People are at the core of our work. We create work with them for them to perform; and for them to immerse themselves in, experience and enjoy as audience.

In a year we have worked with over 400 participants at the Bubble Chamber, presented 22 dance performances, 10 digital dance installations running in total for over 16 weeks and hosted a variety of rehearsals and events. We have shared our work with audiences of over 14400 and presented the project, interactive installations and how Artists can support city centre regeneration through our shop window to a footfall of 455,455.

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Touring Productions

We create touring dance theatre shows for children and families.

We are currently touring Glow, The Bubble Chamber installation and have future plans to tour Risky Business.

To book a show please contact us

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Action Research

A key part of creating work is our action research philosophy. Evolving practice with the groups we work with, by applying an action research methodology we establish a physical dialogue between dancers, participants and the question.

Underlying all these projects is a research strand into how the professional (i.e. trained) and participant (untrained) engage, generate and perform in the composition and production of an artwork. These artworks grow out of the relationship between ourselves: the different participants, the place and the themes.

Dancing to Learn
A three year action research project exploring the links between dance, Literacy and the Thematic Curriculum...

Dancers in Residence
Our ongoing project which places dance artists in schools for up to a year at time to explore and exchange skills between pupils, teachers and their learning. Read more…

In Collaboration with Warwick Arts Centre and Leigh Primary School we pioneered the teaching of Isadora to the children giving them ownership over the creation of a VJ projection accompanying a live music & dance

Risky Business
Risky Business, our new touring production for children aged 7+, is being devised through an action research methodology. The themes of Risk Imagination and Play are being explored with group of children, establishing a physical exchange of ideas. Read more…

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Education & Participation

“you have brought the magic to the summer”
Matt, a participant on 100 Faces

With over 15 years experience of delivering education and participation, we have a track record for delivering fun, dynamic and engaging dance workshops to inspire your students and staff.

Ranging from intimate groups in one of workshops classes and residencies; to work on an epic scale with projects like Cov Cool Kids 2008 - a single show performed by 621 children together. Our education and participatory work reflects the variety and changeable nature of young people and their passions.

Unique, personal and integrated much of the work happens behind closed doors; in workshops and performances with specific groups to invited audiences they are not always open to the general public. Community and schools groups participate in dance performance and technology activities: the participants are inspired, create and perform to their families and friends and are frequently changed by the experience.

We offer a range of workshops for all ages and abilities.

Browse to find our about the dance experiences we regularly deliver. However if you don’t see what you need contact us to shape your project, workshop or performance

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Primary Schools

As we work with groups, responding to the children’s voices and ideas is central to the creative journey we take together. Skills are nurtured and confidence developed through the process. We find this brings a rich and rewarding creative process and fantastic outcomes. To illustrate some areas that may be of interest see below, alternatively browse our portfolio to see some things we have done.

Thematic Workshops

Boys Dance

Creative Dance Projects

Dance and Video

CPD and Staff Development
After school sessions, post school half day or full day sessions
directly linked to your needs, the pupils and the school needs and ambitions. Eg. Creative approaches to Literacy using dance and/or ITC, School Improvement through the Arts

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Secondary Schools

Our work with secondary schools is extensive ranging from curriculum linked workshops to summer school residencies, to performance projects such as Beribboned. Offering engaging, fast, paced, dynamic workshops we inspire and enthuse students. Do you have a big idea? We will work with, you and your school to fundraise for that big exciting project, working as a partner to realise your dreams. To illustrate some areas that may be of interest see below, alternatively browse our portfolio to see some of our previous projects.

Technique Classes

Boys Dance

GCSE and A-level Curriculum Links and Course Enrichment

Going Techie

Performances for your pupils & community on tour

CPD and Staff Development
We provide training and support for teachers in the primary phase and for secondary specialists. Giving you the tools to inspire your students.
We offer after school sessions, post school half day or full day sessions directly linked to your needs, the pupils and the school needs and ambitions.

Eg. Creative approaches to Literacy using dance and/or ITC, School Improvement through the Arts

Physical Literacy

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Dance Styles and Technique Classes

Mercurial Dance has a style that is physical fluid and immediate. Our movement is informed by dynamic released base techniques, contact improvisation, aikido and capoiera styles.

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Further & Higher Education

With experience as a guest lecturer at a number of FE Colleges and universities Artistic Director, Oliver Scott’s work with universities is varied. Ranging from delivering modules and courses over the length of the academic year; to engaging with research programmes; to leading short workshops and choreographic projects linking to current company themes with his dancers.

Creative Choreographic Projects

Dance in Education

Dance Technique

Career Development

Performances for your pupils & community on tour

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Working with Special Needs

Inclusive and integrated dance workshops & residencies for physically disabled and learning disabled students. See Kick, All in a day and Portraits for three contrasting short film projects we created with learning disabled students.

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Museums & Galleries

Our partnerships with local galleries and museums explore distinctive ways to interpret collections and buildings through dance and technology. See 100 Faces and Beribboned for some ideas

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Film and video

Dance on screen is one of the most exciting new artforms to emerge with the explosion of popular technology. Whether its made on your mobile phone or with high end HD cameras, set and lighting we continue to explore this rapidly shifting medium through our projects. Finding new ways to present and create dance which will engage and captivate our audience.

Some of our films can be seen in our portfolio.

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Interactive Technologies

We make spaces come alive. Using software such as Isadora by Mark Coniglio we create interactive spaces through our installation pieces. In 100 Faces the theme of interactivity using Isadora Software to created ‘touch’ zones for the audience to manipulate video and sound clips. In DigitEYES we pioneered the teaching of Isadora to primary school children giving them ownership over the creation of a VJ projection accompanying a live music performance.

At the centre of these projects we seek to create a positive audience and participants’ experience of dance and digital art. This is reflected by the public interest generated, good audience figures, their comments, and that the exhibitions have been enjoyed by a young audience.

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About the Artistic Director

Over the past five years since making the transition from performer for award winning companies Earthfall and Motionhouse to focusing on his own work as choreographer, director and artist educator Oliver Scott has continued to place young people at the centre of his work

Oliver trained at Coventry Centre for the Performing Arts, and independently in London. He continues to study with Julyen Hamilton, Steve Paxton, Kirsty Simpson, Sten Rudrstrom and Nancy Stark Smith, and other international teachers through residencies and workshops

Touring internationally as a performer with his own work and with other companies includes: Julyen Hamilton Quartet (2006) ESP’s Defenceless (2005), Rosie Kay Dance Co – Wild Party Film (2005) Reflections and Polecam dance films with Mercurial Dance (2004), 'Volatile' for Motionhouse (2002-3); Earthfall's Fabulous Wounds (1997-9); Genesis Canyon at the Natural History Museum (1996); and appearances on TV.

Passionate about Improvisation as performance Oliver continues to explore this genre through the Coventry Wednesday Group and performing with Making Space (2009) Without Planning Permission(2008) Julyen Hamilton Company (2006), and the London Improvisers Orchestra at the Shifti Festival of Improvisation 2006, ESP’s Defenceless (2005) and other improvised performances with Fluxx.

As associate artist with Warwick Arts Centre Oliver has created a variety of performance projects with groups in main stream and special education. Together we make performances for each other and our families, sometimes these are small and in workshop settings; other times in schools eg DigIT (2004) frequently blurring boundaries between dance and technology (100 Faces 2006) however they can also be on an epic scale - Cov Cool Kids 2008 was a single show performed by 621 children together.

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Our Vision Statements

Immersive Captivating Inspirational
- exploring dance and new media technologies

Mercurial Dance seeks to explore the power of dance to communicate and inspire by creating performance and participatory projects in a variety of different settings, contexts and media.

Dance in all its forms is about imagination, action and communication. It is for everyone to experience and enjoy. Our approach to dance is inclusive, nurturing; developing skills and abilities through company projects; challenging when necessary but keeping it lively and fun. Individuals are encouraged to participate enthusiastically and to feel good about themselves and their dance abilities.

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